Adept Advice LLC

Advisory services from seasoned business and tech experts

What is Adept Advice?


The principals of this firm are semi-retired former executives from the IT world, with a proven track record in business planning for entrepreneurial technology companies, board-level guidance to tech startups, software products, and advisory services. What is adept advice? It is advice based on

  • relevant experience
  • actual track-record
  • extraordinary insight
  • recognized success
  • skilled analysis
  • excellent communication

As we are semi-retired, we focus now on opportunities to

  • mentor entrepreneurs
  • provide guidance to tech startups
  • communicate positions as thought leaders

An example of the latter is a series of articles on privacy and security on the internet in the form of a blog on what concrete steps you can take to better protect your online privacy.  For instance, the article Reject the EARN IT Act explains why a seemingly good cause, the implications for privacy are alarming.

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